Tips on using Influencer Marketing and Video to Build your Brand

When planning your videos, you must understand who the video is for and the purpose. Sure, the video is about you wanting to spread awareness of your brand, make more money, and so forth. But, to accomplish that, you need to know what’s in it for your audience to view it. Why should they spend their time watching your video?

Let’s look at the purposes for creating a video:

Attracting People to Your Landing Page

The main purpose of a video designed to take people to your website or landing page is clear. You want them to click through after watching. You need to know your audience, their problems, and what they need to accomplish this.

The video should be made for the one member of your audience who you know needs this solution. Ask them to click through to your site and what to do once they click through, and that’s called a call to action.

Persuading Viewers to Buy from You

The type of video should be put in front of people who have some knowledge of your brand already and who trust you, know you, like you, and want to purchase the solutions you offer. This video has a major call to action and explains to the viewer the benefits of buying the product you’re selling.

Remember that this type of video doesn’t have to be like an info commercial; it can look like an unboxing, product review, or tutorial. But, it can also be on a sales page and designed to sell the same way a written sales page performs.

Teach Your Buyers to Use the Product

This is an excellent way to not only please people who have purchased your product but to sell more products to others who haven’t even bought yet. Creating a makeup tutorial is a great way to teach your buyers how to use the product right, but it can also intrigue those who haven’t bought. Vitamix has made a fortune with this idea on YouTube and other product creators.

These videos can also live within your member’s or buyer’s area and are not viewable by the public. It’s up to you how you want to do that and how much you want non-buyers to see and know before buying.

You must know what your video is being made to do. Even though it sounds initially like it’s from your perspective, you must frame it from your audience’s perspective to ensure that you both get what you want from the video. Your viewer needs to get something, and you need to get something to make it work.


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