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MegaPixx Media: A Tale of Adaptability, Vision, and Growth

In March 2020, a significant business shift was about to happen in the bustling city of Calgary. An existing business news website, “Calgary Business,” caught the attention of Greg and his formidable partners – Bruno Lindia, Miranda Salis, and Al Golleme. The quartet saw potential in the website and purchased it, envisioning a platform to showcase their businesses. And just like that, MegaPixx Media was born, primed to make the most of the digital age.

However, the world took an unforeseen turn two weeks into this exciting venture. The coronavirus pandemic began its rampage, upending economies and changing business as we knew it. While many companies crumbled under pressure, MegaPixx Media’s leaders saw an opportunity amidst the chaos. They recognized that the traditional business model was evolving rapidly, and entrepreneurs needed guidance to transition seamlessly into the new digital-first reality.

Pivoting their original intent, MegaPixx Media reshaped its strategy to assist other businesses. Their platform, www.YYCCalgaryBusiness.ca, became a haven for enterprises looking to harness the might of online and video communications. With this shift, business owners could elevate their brand’s visibility, cement their influence, and bolster sales.

Ever the visionary, Greg discerned the potential in integrating all his ventures. By bringing MegaPixx Media, YYC Business, and Eagle Nook Resort under one unified brand – “Top Dog Sales and Marketing” –he aimed to streamline processes, pool resources, and optimize the potential of each business. This move demonstrated a deep understanding of business interconnectivity and the foresight to adapt and thrive in a constantly changing market.

Today, as we look back at MegaPixx Media’s journey, it serves as a testament to the essence of entrepreneurship. It’s not merely about seizing opportunities but also about displaying resilience in the face of adversity, staying adaptable, and innovating for the future. 

This is the spirit of MegaPixx Media, and it shines brightly in the vast digital expanse.


“Embracing challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit, agility, and adaptability to support our clients’ success.”


We are a trusted partner who gives an aligned representation of the client's knowledge, brand, and content


We are motivated to deliver results'. We have the hustle and determination to take each campaign to the next level


We foster situational leaders within our organization, empowering individuals to take leadership positions regardless of titles.


Our thorough understanding of the business of podcasting helps us in providing clarity and direction to our clients and community


Family is our priority, guiding our decisions to support employees' work-life balance and well-being.


Our promise is to always be authentic in our communication and information shared from our end

Greg Belanger


In a world bustling with digital noise, some stand out, not merely because they’re visible but because they understand the dynamics of visibility. 

Greg is one such individual, recognized as a pioneering Visibility Thinking Partner and a masterful sales strategist. He has proven his tenacity across various industries. With an innate capability to leverage digital media to its full potential, he guides businesses and leaders, helping them amplify their presence and, consequently, their growth trajectory.

What fuels Greg’s business acumen? It’s a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and big-league experience. Not only has he been the cornerstone of various ventures – from the tranquil Eaglenook Resort on Vancouver Island, where nature harmonizes with sportfishing, to the digital dynamo MegaPixx Media and the strategy-driven powerhouse Top Dog Sales & Marketing – but he also carries a hefty portfolio from his time in the enterprise sector. With hands-on experience working for Fortune 500 companies, Greg’s narrative weaves between the dynamism of start-ups and the strategic intricacies of global giants. This spectrum of experiences gives each initiative he touches a page in a riveting business anthology, marked by peaks, troughs, and insights only diverse experience can offer.

Now, armed with a wealth of experiences, Greg isn’t one to merely rest on his laurels. He’s on a mission, charged with energy and purpose. He aims to uplift, mentor, and guide the next wave of entrepreneurs and professionals. His vision is to empower them to build brands that stand out and influence and excel in today’s ultra-competitive market.

For Greg, every day is an opportunity to make a mark, to face challenges head-on and come out stronger. It’s more than a philosophy; it’s how he lives.

Carpe diem,



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Since our inception in March 2020, we have proudly enabled over 1000 business owners to create over 1900 impactful video stories that captivate audiences and establish a strong online presence, cementing MegaPixx Media as the trusted choice for those seeking to make a significant mark in the media advertising industry.

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Our mission is to be Calgary’s dedicated online media business partner, inspiring and educating the community about everything related to business. We strive to provide a powerful platform for exceptional individuals, businesses, and ideas, giving them an online voice to connect with a broader audience, discover new talent and resources, and contribute to the advancement of Calgary’s future. Through information and empowerment, we aim to equip business leaders and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to make impactful decisions that positively shape our vibrant city. Together, we are building a brighter and more prosperous Calgary, fueled by creativity, innovation, and the collective drive of our community.